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“Dalena is deeply caring and considerate, patient, understanding, and respectful. She recognizes the struggle and conflict within and guides me toward understanding and healing. She never loses her patience and does not try to short-cut the process of healing and uncovering the truths in my life. Her gentle, reassuring manner makes it easy to overcome personal fears and embarrassment which would otherwise hinder the healing process. I am very fortunate to have Dalena’s help.”


Dalena is a Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR clinician, Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery, and Board Certified-Music Therapist. She has worked in the fields of mental health, music therapy and wellness for 25 years providing individual and group therapy to children, adolescents, and adults.

She specializes in populations with chronic pain,
mental health issues, transgender care, victims of crime and trauma, grief and loss, personal and spiritual growth and wellness.

Dalena’s focus is helping people rediscover their true selves and heal on a deep spiritual and soul level. She believes that trauma is not a lifelong sentence, and that we are all evolving toward ever increasing levels of health.

Dalena creates the environment necessary for healing, transformation, and wholeness through her diverse skills and techniques. She brings her whole presence into the sessions with non-judgement, shares new insights and perspectives, and gives hope and encouragement.

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