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“It’s hard to put into words the comfort and healing that Dalena brings. She respects all people and sees their soul rather than their body. I started seeing her in the beginning of my transition (ftm) and every time I see her, she offers me more insight about myself and the world in which we live in. If you want someone that feels like an old friend, someone who is genuine and calming, see Dalena. She is worth every second.”

She has helped me to change my life

“Dalena has helped me to find and use the tools necessary to control my anxiety and deal with trauma from my childhood. She is knowledgeable and experienced in everything she does. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to better their life. “

Dalena has helped me tremendously

“I have been seeing Dalena for a highway driving anxiety. She has made all the difference in a very short time. I just enjoyed my recent road trip thanks to her.”

Been extremely helpful

“Dalena has been awesome. I wish I had known about my issues earlier so I could have started with Dalena earlier. She truly cares and will go out of her way to help. She doesnt just stop if we are in the middle of a session, she will carry it through and not just stop because her “hour” is up. Highly recommended. “


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